Kitchen Cutlery



4) Check with the coding before you go shopping. You don’t want to buy something, then get back and find you can’t use it. This will not be good. You will have wasted all that money. Compliance has to play a role in your buying needs.

5) Make sure your equipment has a practical use to it. Find out how it all works. Find out if you need any extra equipment to make it work well. This goes for the uniforms for your wait staff. Will they have to be cleaned on a daily basis? Will you be footing the bill for the cleaning? Will your staff have to clean their uniforms? How many uniforms will you supply? How many will your staff have to supply from their end? This all has to be considered before you open up.

6) Make friends with your vendors. You never know what deals they can offer you. You never know what extras they can offer you on the side. Some vendors do this, especially if you are a loyal customer. If you become loyal to a vendor, he or she will be loyal to you too!

7) Look into the warranties. Some will automatically come with one. Others you will have to inquire about. Make sure you do. Find out how long the warranty is good for. Find out if there are any hidden extras in the warranty. Is there some sort of training involved with the buying of some of the equipment and the warranty? If so, how does it work? The more questions you ask, the better off you will be. The more you will know.

cutlery 8) Figure out a plan to hire your staff. How many people will you need? How many people can your budget handle? Sometimes the two don’t match up well. The goal is to make both line up well. Find out who is going to be doing what.

Once this is settled, look into the training that is needed. Certain jobs require more training than others. Figure out who is competent to handle which job. The other thing you need to evaluate with this is the personality of the staff. Will their personality match well with the overall theme of the business. It makes no sense to hire someone who doesn’t fit in well. I’m not saying that everyone has to get along 100% of the time. However, there should be some sort of team work happening.

If one person is doing all the work while three other people are slacking off, then take the time to resolve this issue. This is just one of the many staffing issues that will set you back, if you don’t take care of it right away.

Your restaurant will only be as good as the team you hire and the equipment you use. If you invest in the best, you will get the best!